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Dear friends: 

I am a healthcare and pharmacy educated professional. During my free time, I used to do DIY projects where I would create beauty and cosmetic products for myself from natural, herbal and organic ingredients. I noticed that the products sold in the market were full of chemicals and harmful for the skin. Slowly the beauty and cosmetic products evolved from just being a hobby to my passion. 

The concept really came to fruition  when we were all facing tough times during the Covid pandemic. It became very clear during the pandemic that to enhance immunity, it is not only important to eat healthy but also apply natural, herbal beauty products that are free from all harmful chemicals. 

My family encouraged me to pursue my passion and make natural beauty quality products that are affordable for everyone. These beauty products are handcrafted, hygienically made, free from parabens, mineral oils, sulphates or any other harmful chemicals. 

I strongly believe in going back to “Mother-Nature” that protects and nurtures us. All my products are made with lots of love and dedication. Your feedback is highly appreciated. I hope you like our products. 


Earthy Senses family.

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